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Envisioning and revising his mode of creative expression numerous times, Torres' adaptive, hip-hop-infused alternative rock style has earned him a loyal underground following. Recently, Floco received the Arts Alive 2021 Award for Outstanding Artist in Music from Arts Alive, an organization that recognizes gifted artists, talented arts educators, and change-making advocates who bring art to life and help shape the community's culture. Along with beatmaker Holbrook Riles III, also known as HR3, Floco is the other half of the duo Free Black! Together, the two create music with a purpose and designed to make a difference. Floco is clear that his music, whether solo or collaborative, aims to motivate and empower.

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Of  The
Southwestern U.S.

The region's Native American tribes, such as the Kumeyaay, have been aware of the existence of geoglyphs for thousands of years. In the early twentieth century, when the modern scientific community became aware of them, the large natural structures were a mystery. Many are shaped like circles and triangles, while others represent animals, such as horses and snakes. Still, others have characteristics resembling a human. Their meaning and purpose remain nearly as mysterious today.



Lola Quinn:
Negating The Ugliness 
With Grace

Lola is an imaginative soul who refuses to stick to any singular art form. No matter the medium, whether it's tattooing, digital art, photography, modeling, photo manipulation, or acrylic painting, Lola shines. Her unique style of psychedelic, macabre, and erotic art offer a reflection of the artist's heart. Recently completing a Featured Artist Premier at Upperlake, California's Gallery on Main Street, the multi-faceted artist spoke candidly about her work and her life's journey.

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Experiencing Ireland

California's Coachella Valley is best known for its music festivals and famous sun-swept, poolside havens, such as the city of Palm Springs. In the last couple of years, the valley's locals and visitors have also begun appreciating the local Irish cuisine. Located in Rancho Mirage, California, O'Caine's Irish Pub opened its doors on St. Patrick's Day of 2019. With notable historical roots, O'Caine's is forging new traditions and has become a local favorite.

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In Search Of 
The Celts:
Fact vs. Fiction

Popular culture has painted the Celts as a specific civilization with certain easily recognizable common traits. Many believe them to be a single group. In reality, the Celts are comprised of hundreds of tribes, sharing the Celtic languages and cultural similarities. Predominantly associated with Ireland, the Celtic reach extended as far east as what is now the country of Turkey. In fact, geographically speaking, the Celts were the largest group of people to inhabit ancient Europe.



Chef Gavin Grabe's
Easy to Make

Lamb Kabab

Chef Gavin Grabe generously offers his recipe for Lamb Kebab served at O'Caine's Irish Restaurant in Rancho Mirage, California. Made up of several smaller recipes, this easy-to-make recipe is delicious! Top with some lettuce, tomatoes, warm lamb, onion slaw and chimichurri. Finally, drizzle with yogurt sauce at the end. Get some napkins because it is

wet and delicious!

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The Trauma

"That's another aspect of being a relevant and effective therapist, is to understand what it means to work with people who have been impacted by trauma. But it starts with understanding what trauma is. And many people, when they think of trauma, they think, 'No, I'm not traumatized. I've never been in combat,' or 'No, I've never been raped.' But trauma is

on a continuum."



Floco Torres: 
The Power
Of Rebellion

"A lot of times, my insecurities are just not really believing in myself. I'm kind of second-guessing, wanting everybody else to feel it and see it the same way I do. And if they don't, then I'm like, 'Well, ok! That must not be the thing. Over the past couple of years, I've just been trying to really lean in, whether I'm right or whether I'm wrong. I'm gonna lean into how I feel, for better or for worse. That's kind of worked out for me. I try to just go for it, and be like, 'No, fuck that.

This is what we're gonna do.'"

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The Ladies of B.A.D:
Offering Support
To The Community

Since 2009, over 35,000 bras have been donated to Be A Dear, Donate a Brassiere for women in need. The bras come from all over the country from women who want to help other women and save their still gently used bras from landfills. This unstoppable group of people has volunteered countless hours of their personal time to collect gently used or new bras and new underpants to donate to charities serving women in need.

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Navajo Code Talkers:
Chester Nez &
The Unbroken Code

Using Native American languages as a form of code dates back to World War I when Cherokee and Choctaw peoples pioneered the method. However, when most people speak of code talkers, they refer to the Navajo Code Talkers who served as United States Marines in the Pacific. During the world wars, the United States had a great deal of difficulty keeping their radio transmissions from being intercepted and decoded.



Chef Gavin Grabe
Traditional Irish
Short Rib Pie

These delicious short rib filled mini pies are not only delectable, but fun to make. Traditionally served with picallili or Branston's Pickle, they make the perfect on-the-go or addition to a picnic lunch. Read all of Chef Gavin's incredible recipes and get a taste of traditional Irish cuisine from O'Caine's, Rancho Mirage, California's

premier Irish restaurant. Grab a taste of true Irish cuisine with this simple recipe.