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In the eighties, her father's religious organization was the center of controversy and a worldwide media nightmare, thrusting her already highly publicized family further into the spotlight. Her childhood house, which once stood in San Francisco, California, was demolished in 2001. Known globally as The Black House, the building was, for many, a symbol of opposition and religious freedom. For others, blasphemy, fear, and hatred. But, despite the controversy, for Zeena, it was just home. 



The Dark Triad

The Bermuda Triangle

of Evil

A person with just one of these personality types isn't necessarily dangerous. Still, research has shown if someone has one dark personality trait, they are predisposed to having more. A person possessing all of the hallmark characteristics of dark personalities can be downright terrifying. Do you know the traits of a dark personality?


Tyra Whitney:

Would You Kill For 

Your Loved One?

"He was raising up, so I'm thinking he's about to do me something. And I grab for the first thing that I saw, which was this hammer." She describes, "They had a blue toolbox that was right there in the middle of the floor... and... I hit him." Tragically, her daughter's boyfriend

died in the hospital. 

Image by Ansgar Scheffold



The Donkey Rescue

Honoring The Burro Bond

Longhopes Donkey Shelter, out of Bennet, Colorado, has helped rescue over 1,200 donkeys since its inception in 1998. This incredible foundation has found 'forever homes' for over 1,180 donkeys in need. Many unwanted donkeys needed homes and had a lot of trouble finding them. Kathy had the vision to rehabilitate and train donkeys until a new owner was found.

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Sebastian Schmidt: 

All For The

Love of Music

As a musician, Sebastian makes his living through live gigs. In addition to drumming with Sliver, he is a member of Musehead, a Muse-Radiohead tribute band, a progressive rock band called MARCO, all while teaching music lessons, too. As state and local governments started to close venues, everything suddenly came to

a screeching halt.

Image by John Middelkoop


How Not To Die:

The Hurricane


Imagine the worst-case scenario and plan for it. Assume you'll be entirely on your own for at least three days but to be safe, plan for a week. Think of everything you need in a given week. How much food do you and your family eat? What medications do you take? What essential items do you need with you?



The Koreshan Unity:

Florida's Hollow

Earth Believers

The Hollow Earth Theory, or as Teed called it, Cellular Cosmogony, is an off-shoot of the theorem which states that the Earth is a concave sphere, with the universe located in the center. Teed said, "Our visible sun is only a reflection, as is the moon, with the stars reflecting off seven mercurial discs that float in the sphere's center."


Image by Hyunwon Jang


Floridian Cuisine:

The Cubano Sandwich


Koreshan Hermit Cookies

With a name like 'Cubano sandwich,' it should be no surprise to learn that that the Cubano originated in, you guessed it, Cuba! While there is no way to know if the Koreshans of Estero, Florida, ate Cubano sandwiches, Koreshan State Park visitors certainly can. Traditionally made with ham, pork, pickles, cheese, and garnished with mustard, it is believed that the first Cubano sandwich was prepared over 500 years ago by the Taíno tribe.

Image by Diego González


Post-Military Transition: A Discussion With A Congressman

Congressman Jay Obernolte of California's 8th District and his staff have been tracking many veterans' statistics. In addition to poor job prospects, veterans are 50% more likely to become homeless than their civilian counterparts and twice as likely to commit suicide. For many veterans, PTSD is a significant factor contributing to these unacceptable statistics. Contrary to popular belief, PTSD doesn't solely happen to veterans with combat experience.

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