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Eddie the Eagle

Life Lessons


Eddie the Eagle

"They said it's impossible. You come from Cheltenham, and we've got no snow, no mountains, nothing. Forget it! Stick to plastering and construction with your Dad." The doubts of those around him served only to fuel his passion to achieve his dreams. "I always loved proving people wrong. So, whenever people told me that I couldn't do something, I would automatically go and do it just to

show them that it can be done."

January '21

Issue 01 Vol. 01


Cantu Cuate:

The Importance of the 


"Krystal's life was changed forever while on her way to visit family. In an instant, the gunshot-like sound of a tire blowout sent her truck spinning out of control and heading straight into oncoming traffic. Everything seemed to move in slow motion as the truck chaotically propelled itself off the surface of the road. As the vehicle flipped and rolled out of control, shards of razor-sharp glass filled the cab."

Krystal Cantu Cuate
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