Influential Con Jobs That Reshaped the World

Gregor MacGregor:

Selling an Imaginary Country

"Occasionally, a hustle comes along so elaborate and auspicious that it defies belief. What occurred in the early 1800s was on such a world-wide scale that history will never be able to completely forget. Gregor MacGregor and his hustle would become a fable for the ages."  

Liz Carmicheal

The Lady & The Dale:

The Infamous Ugly

Car Scam

"The most charismatic pitchman of the times wasn't a man at all. She was Geraldine Elizabeth Carmichael, an astute, no-nonsense businesswoman. She confidently rebuffed skeptics, proclaiming she would 'Rule the auto industry like a queen.' But was she all she claimed to be?" 

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