Reflections & Introspections

 From Leaders, Researchers & Renegades

With A Blessing and A Lesson:

How I Proved

Myself Wrong

"I was an only child raised by my Mom's parents in a rigid God-fearing household. Growing up sometimes felt like a tug of war between my Mom, Kaye, openly gay and free-spirited, and my strict grandparents. My father was absent, and I never knew much about him until my teen years. My demeanor, or stature, maybe my boldness, was always misjudged as being aggressive. Because of that, I never was complimented much. It also made me a target for people wanting to size me up."

- Nikki Lewis-Whaley,

Trauma Survivor and Positive Influencer

David Daly Derailed Magazine


PTSD Hell:

A Combat Story

"In the middle of the desert with a pistol pressed firmly against my head, it seemed my demons would never cease their relentless attack on my soul. I felt perhaps that death was the best option. Maybe the only option."

- David Daly,

Veteran battling PTSD

Daphne Minks Daly Derailed


A Stalking Survivor's Story

"I went out of my way to bring attention to myself, hoping to either provoke a reaction from the stalker or get someone to believe me. There's no way I could've prepared for the hurricane of events that followed."

- Daphne Minks Daly,

Stalking Survivor

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