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Easter Island Coconut Ceviche

Every year, tourists from every corner of the world visit the mysterious 887 stone human figures, known as Easter Island's moai. As with many other civilizations, Rapa Nui's islanders did not leave a written history. But researchers think they came from what is now called French Polynesia roughly 1,600 years ago. 

The ancient citizens of Rapa Nui did not traditionally prepare sweets. However, with the ability to obtain new ingredients and the influence of other cultures through travel and tourism, Easter Island desserts are the new classic. 

A pudding-like sponge cake traditionally made from bananas, Po'e is the most common Easter Island dessert and certainly one of the most delicious.


Usually prepared on the leaves of the many types of bananas found on the Island, po'e can also be made with pumpkin, papaya, or even mango. 

Due to its geographic remoteness, Easter Island bees are considered some of the healthiest in the world. Rapa Nui honey is a highly desired gourmet food, making authentic, regionally prepared po'e a treat worth exploring. 

Serve this simple recipe with whipped or coconut cream for a delightful dessert. As a side dish, this dish pairs perfectly with almost any spicy fare, especially Easter Island Ceviche.

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