Veteran's Voices

True Stories of Courage,

Struggle & Sacrifice 

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The Problem with Transition:

A Vet's Op-Ed

"It takes several months to take a high school graduate at 18 years of age and turn them into a Marine. On average, most of these young Marines will serve four years in the Marine Corps. During this time, they will live their lives by rules and standards far different from those experienced by civilians. When their service commitment is near its end, they begin the process of transition."

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Clay Hunt:

An Inextinguishable


"In 2011, our nation suffered another combat casualty. This death was not caused by a roadside bomb in the shifting sands of Iraq. Nor was it the result of sniper fire in Afghanistan's snow-covered mountains. On this particular day, our collective loss occurred in Houston, Texas, as Clay Hunt, a former United States Marine, died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound."

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